body hair removal

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  1. E

    Anyone got hair laser removal here?

    I've become hairy after years of TRT and ETC. Would hair laser removal even work on us? I plan to get 7 treatments
  2. Vince

    Help with removing body hair.

    I'm somewhat of a hairy guy. Most men my age just stay hairy. Recently I trimmed my hair off my chest and groin. I don't want to remove my hair permanently but I was hoping members could give me advice on good methods and products to use. P.S. I've always had someone remove my back hair with a...
  3. Pacman

    Body hair removal - best (inexpensive) methods?

    This is probably something that all of us deal with since starting TRT, and I assume that there is a sticky somewhere on this site dealing with this, but I cannot seem to find it. I've got hair growing on my neck, back, shoulders, and triceps - and I really wanna get rid of it. I don't have...
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