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  1. DragonBits

    Body fat / testosterone aromatized > estrogen

    This is about two somewhat different but related subjects. Basically, perceptions Vs reality. First, estrogen and body fat. Low testosterone often causes weight gain and lower estrogen. Many people believe body fat is a big causes of higher level of aromatization of testosterone to...
  2. xqfq

    Do we know how much body fat effects e2 levels?

    Hey everyone! I’ve been dieting myself down to a very low body fat % for an event next month, and I’ve been wondering if we know how much a reduction in body fat levels could effect e2? I’ve noticed in the past, prior to TRT, that I actually had a higher sex drive when at low body fat (at...
  3. madman

    Adipocytes ESR1 Expression, Body Fat and Response to Testosterone Therapy in Hypogonadal Men Vary According to Estradiol Levels

    In conclusion, all together, our results suggest the possibility that the persistently high E2 levels associated with obesity leads to ESR1 downregulation in adipocytes and reduced E2 sensitivity, which in turn results in attenuated fat mass loss in response to T therapy. Oestrogen resistance...
  4. Fireproof

    Body Recomposition with TRT

    Hey Gents, I've been on a crappy TRT protocol (on my 2nd clinic now) and am changing to Defy Medical ASAP. Have my consult with Dr. Saya next week on Tuesday. Looking forward to the real experts getting me to my best. Question for you guys! I used to be really into fitness and nutrition and...
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