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    Good, fast and affordable T bloodtest service in the Netherlands

    I'm new here and glad to found such a great resource about TRT. So I would like to start off by thanking Nelson Vergel and all providers/people involved for their help and initiative. I myself live in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) and have basically all the symptoms of low T. The only thing...
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    Blood test/dosage help

    I am new to TRT and was mainly interested in starting it to fix my fatigue. I just always seem to be so tired. I signed up with Helix MWR and I am at the end of my 5th week and haven’t noticed any changes yet. Is it too soon or do you think my dosage is too small. I was thinking to request for...
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    LHRH test

    Hello guys, Nelson Vergeltold me to post my test resultshere on excelmale. So in the following picture you can see my results. He said ''Interesting that your FSH and T did not go up as much as your LH.''. any thoughts to this ? Thanks :)
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    Please help with blood test :(

    Hi everyone, I'm doing my second cycle, it's a only 250mg test/week cypionate from pharma. I did my last shot 7 days ago (on 8th week) and I did a blood test (4 days ago) to see how I was to start PCT. (but now I know i can't start it) Since first week I'm using HCG 500ui e5d I started having...
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