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    Emergency Room/A&E Hospital UK visit - blood pressure scare - 2 months off TRT- Test E..

    Hi Sorry in advance for this long post, but I have been through a very scary period health wise last 2 months. I last posted on here 2 months ago regarding getting some remote help from the USA, I live England, UK Through my normal doctor (non TRT specialist) in England, UK I was on Test...
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    TRT raised my blood pressure, how long to normalize after dropping treatment?

    I am a 32 year old male, and have been on TRT for ~4 years, always using a gel prescribed by an endo. On the gel my levels went from 190 to lower 500s. Not too satisfied with my results, after being on the gel, I decided to switch to an online clinic and begin injections. On injections i...
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