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  1. L

    On hcg and menopor does anyone know what these results mean

    Hi guys I am on 2000iu hcg x3 a week and menopor 225iu x2 a week azoospermia primary hypogonadism blood tests are worrying me my sex drive is 0 free androgen index 26.2, serum testosterone 29.6nmol, Shbg 113nmol! It's really concerning me!
  2. T

    opinions on results that seem good to me

    Results are below Have a few questions if anyone is interested 1. Any point in doing anything to drop my SHBG. I keto diet from time to time and have about 3 kg of 83kg to lose to get down to ~11-13%bf which I plan to do through keto or fasting. 2. Are these results accurate? 3. Any opinions...
  3. A

    58- blood results

    just got labs back. was surprised total test 27.5 , was hoping my urologist would put me on 200 mg cyp per week. after he sees my blood work dont think so " to Normal"?
  4. C

    Thyroid blood results while on low carb. Are my results normal?

    I am currently on a low carb, calorie restricted diet to lose weight. I have a good amount of muscle mass as I have been lifting weights for 26 years. I have about 15 to 20 lbs more to lose. I am 45 years old. When I am NOT dieting my TSH is about 3.40. When I am dieting my TSH goes up to 5.44...
  5. I

    Am i stable?

    Hi, It's been more than 7 weeks that i've been on my new protocol (25mg EOD, just testosterone enanthate, nothing else) and due to the fact that in the past i had 2 entirely different blood results on the same protocol i did 2 blood tests, in the same lab, at the same hour. Those 2 blood...
  6. S

    2 months since started TRT. Are these results good?

    I started Testosterone gel (50mg daily) about 2 months ago and here are my pre and post trt numbers. Would love some insight if they are good? I was initially put on trt due to low free testosterone w symptoms (libido, ed, low energy, sweats, anxiety, low mood). Pre TRT (29 yo healthy male)...
  7. Galactus

    TRT if your test was normal?

    More of a philosophical question. I was on TRT for 5+ years. Kaiser tested me twice and my totals were in the low 200's. I stopped cold turkey a few years ago and miss many aspects of it. I'm 50 now and am gaining a bit of fat and losing a bit of muscle. I don't have the sex drive I had when...
  8. J

    24 years old,0 libido for 2.5 years HELP

    Hello everyone! I just want to say that I am not on trt, or ever took some kind of steroid or drug or something like that. After starting natural bodybuilding in my teens, I felt great at 18-21 years old, I had an easy time putting on muscle and getting pumps, libido was sky high, agression and...
  9. F

    Got my results - now what?

    Hey guys For the past 6 months or so I've felt off. Lack of energy, non exsistent libibo, no morning erections.... when i looked up symptoms online it said possible low t. so i decided to take a blood test to find out finally my blood results came back. can you guys tell me what to look at...
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