blood draw timing

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    Timing of blood draw

    I hate to ask but I was to had a mobile draw set at my home tomorrow and had a call from Quest they could no longer do it mobile...I had already done my 14mg daily injection today at 8:30am and then decided to just drive over to Quest and have them do the draw now. I normally do my draw 24 hours...
  2. J

    Timing for blood testing question

    I apologize as I am sure this has been posed many times, but I cannot find the resource- 1.=What is the optimal time to have labs done after pinning..... I do inj. on Monday a.m. and Thursday p.m. and plan to have blood draw on a Friday? 2. For PSA test, how long should one refrain from...
  3. A

    Blood Draw Timing When On Cream

    When is the correct time to get blood drawn when using testosterone cream? After reading a few threads, I believe it is five hours following the application but am hoping someone can confirm. Many thanks in advance!
  4. W

    Timing of labs based on different TRT protocols

    From my reading here it sounds on most protocols you draw labs right before your next shot, to get your lowest reading. In my case I inject daily (have low SHBG) with Test C in the morning around 7am. If I usually get labs done around 9-10am in the morning will it show elevated levels if I took...
  5. S

    EOD Injections - Blood Draw Timing

    For those of you doing/that have done EOD T. Cyp. injections: I know that there is little variation between days on an EOD protocol, but I would imagine for lower SHBG guys there would still be some variation. Can any of you on an EOD protocol who have done blood draws both on injection day...
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