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    Aspirin and cancer: the emerging evidence

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    If blood comes leaking out does that mean I also lost Test?

    I did my shot IM and z tracked but as soon as I pulled the needle out blood came gushing down the side of my leg and it looked like a lot. I’m afraid I lost my shot
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    Excessive bleeding from injection

    I recently switched my pins from a 25g 1.5in to a 23g 1.5in. I inject in the glute 2x/week IM at 80mg with a test blend that I get from my pharmacy. This morning I went to inject with the 23g and when I pulled the needle out it bled more than usual. Enough to soak all the blood up with a decent...
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    Does bleeding after injection could waste testosterone?

    Hi, Does bleeding after injection could waste some of testosterone that you injected? Thanks.
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    Heavy rectal bleeding

    Hi im 50 from uk.. I have been self admin trt for 5 yrs at 150mg week with 2 x 12 wk blasts a year of 500mg test e and 300mg deca usually. I had an examination to determine why i felt nauseous and bled from the rectum after the toilet a lot..this happens every few months and goes away after 3 or...
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    Shallow IM need to aspirate

    I am currently injecting shallow IM in the vastus lateralis with a 27G 1/2 insulin needle. 1 out of 5 injections i get a tiny drop of blood coming out of the injection site. Basically everytime it hurts for the needle to get inside there is a tiny amount of blood when the needle comes out. that...
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