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  1. P

    Xanax to Diazepam conversion

    Hey all:) Trying to convert Xanax to Diazepam but there are so many variations on different medical sites? Any membes in mental health that could provide an accurate conversion of 0.25mg Xanax to Diazepam? Thanks
  2. burnoutat42

    To "HCG" Or Not "HCG" Two Weeks Into Testosterone Therapy Treatment?

    "To "HCG" Or Not "HCG" Two Weeks Into Testosterone Therapy Treatment? So after two weeks of "TRT Treatment", at Cyp 200 mg/ml – 0.40 ml IM/SQ twice weekly or 160 mg a week by balls have indeed elected to shrink! I'm going to include all of my initial labs below and would appreciate various...
  3. burnoutat42

    What Causes "Benzo Belly", & The Scientific Way To Get Rid Of It?

    As I'm awaiting the results associated with my recent blood work.. I continue to ask myself the following? What actually causes "Benzo Belly", excluding what I have found thus far using Google for instance? To date I have found very little literature supporting why "Benzo Belly", exists and what...
  4. burnoutat42

    "Benzo Belly / Bodyfat Composition After Beginning TRT?"

    Hey Guys I've only been hitting the iron for a little over two weeks however usually with some quality intermittent fasting I lose body fat extremely fast while simultaneously building muscle! My old muscle memory was there and then some as little as six years ago however after...
  5. Nelson Vergel

    A Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Story

    " A word of caution; benzodiazepines are successfully used by many people with ME/CFS and FM. Like all drugs, though, in the wrong person they can have negative effects, and, every now and then, someone who is very sensitive to them shows up. Despite taking only small dose of Klonopin for a...
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