b12 injections

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    Testosterone, B12 and HCG all in 1 shot?

    Just switched from cream to shots for testosterone. I’ve been doing HCG and B12 subq. I’m not a fan of needles so I’m asking if it makes sense to buy a 2 or 3ml syringe and put all 3 in the syringe and inject IM at the same time? Testosterone, B12 and hcg all at once? I’d probably have to...
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    B12 Injection SubQ

    I've been prescribed b12 injection every 2 weeks. Ask i have are the insulin pins I use for my test cyp. Is there any reason I can do my b12 shot shadow IM/subq? Also, I'm supposed to use a full mL, is that too much to do subq?
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    B12 Shots - Who uses them? Pro's and Con's?

    I wanted to see how many guys were doing B12 shots. I've done them over the past year and don't really see a difference. What's your experience been?
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    Where to buy b12 injections without a script

    Was just wondering if anyone knew where to find affordable b12 injections without a script. I'm deficient in b12 and get once monthly injections but my levels are still low. My primary doc told me to start supplementing with otc b12 in addition to the shot but numbers are still low. Was...
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