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    Started TRT journey - five weeks in

    Good evening, everyone. I figured I'd make a thread documenting my progress. Hopefully the information and ensuing discussions contained herein could provide assistance for others down the line, as others' threads had provided for me. I also have some questions which will be added at the end, so...
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    Hey all, Glad to be here (my first post) I began a TRT protocol for the first time with a T Clinic, 3.5 weeks ago. They've prescribed me 1ML p/day of the follow "Atrevis 10% 100MG/ML" It's says Atrevis gel on the bottle, but it's a cream. I was shocked when I asked the doc how much would...
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    Help - Testosterone Cream (Atrevis)

    i started TRT in December 2018. My total T was 184 (289-894). I was put on a 50mg compounded cream by choice. I retested 2 months later at 530 and feeling much better. Shortly after I started feeling bad again. Was retested 4 weeks after the 530 test. Now I’m 384. The doctor raised my dose to...
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