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  1. keithc2485

    Breast pain started from HCG. Question?

    Hey guys so it's been about nine weeks since I've added HCG to my trt regiment. I take a hundred mg of testosterone step unit weekly and have added 800 IU of HCG a week. No AI has been added yet because my levels were normal as of my last panel of blood. I don't next week for new blood work...
  2. Nelson Vergel

    Use of anastrozole lengthened testosterone pellet efficacy

    Coadministration of Anastrozole Sustains Therapeutic Testosterone Levels in Hypogonadal Men Undergoing Testosterone Pellet Insertion TP + AZ= testosterone pellets plus anastrozole TP= testosterone pellets only TT= Total Testosterone FT= Free Testosterone Thirty-eight men with 65 insertions...
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