amendment to the trt protocol. daily protocol

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  1. Pnw0031

    2 years of insomnia on Test C- various dosages

    Hello everyone, I have been dealing with severe insomnia while on testosterone cypionate for the past two years. Used androgel (sorry I do not remember the dose) for years prior. Testicular cancer survivor, can’t get off trt. I’ve tried various regimes and protocols and tricks and I’m going...
  2. G

    Amendment to the Trt protocol. Daily protocol, EOD, doses? Consequences and parameters to follow.

    Hello everyone. I have recently been part of this forum and I thank you in advance as I am finding it interesting. I have seen a lot of other topics and found it important to post this topic. I'm 51 years old, I'm a little bit fat. 01 year ago I started trt protocol with Nebido. 01 injection + 1...
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