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  1. DixieWrecked

    TRT and AAS Effect on Adrenals

    Just a question for you guys. I remember certain bouts of insane lethargy while on TRT. I was surfing Reddit and some dude was saying steroid abuse shut down his adrenals. Taking that with a grain of salt but I do know a lot of people suffer from fatigue on TRT or steroids and some gain some...
  2. J

    Aj Batal New Member, nice to meet you, i feel you guys are the best group

    Hello all members, 5'10 190 idk my bodyfat maybe you guys can take a guess from my avatar Im a 28 year old on trt because of primary hypogonadism. one of my testicles does not function. otherwise i feel i would be healthy and have solid t levels naturally but i dont. i have a varicocelle on...
  3. Gianluca

    Low 17-OH Progesterone a concern?

    I was surprised 17-OH Progesterone was low <10 on LabCorp scale 27-199 ng/dl considering along with TRT I'was on HCG 125Iu daily 50mg Pregnelonone and 25mg of Hydrocotisone I actually thought because I'm on Hydrocortisone Progesterone would be high(er) Why would that be low?
  4. M

    New Bloodwork After 2 Months on Pregnenolone, B Vitamins and no A.I.

    So long story short, after my last bloodwork I realised that I probably had adrenal issues that had to be addressed. My cortisol was lowish, progesterone was low and so was DHEAS. I felt tired, irritated and I was considering coming off TRT. I crashed my E2 like 4 times this year, mostly because...
  5. Nelson Vergel

    Adrenals remain shut down after several days of a cortisone injection

    Simultaneous bilateral knee injection of methylprednisolone acetate and the hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal axis: a single-blind case-control study. Habib G, et al. Show all Journal J Investig Med. 2014 Mar;62(3):621-6. Abstract OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to evaluate the...
  6. B

    Young Males with hormonal Issues

    Hey guys, I am new to this forum but will be needing some guidance while I figure out my hormonal issues. I have been on Testosterone and thyroid since I was 17. I was diagnosed with hypogonadism and Hypo-Thyroid. It has been a long road of every doctor telling me something different. I am...
  7. Nelson Vergel

    Utility of the low-dose short Synacthen test in diagnosis of adrenal insufficiency

    Has anyone used the Synacthen test to get diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency (low cortisol output)? The short Synacthen [tetracosactrin i.e. synthetic adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) ] test is routinely used to diagnose adrenal insufficiency, both primary and secondary (i.e. due to...
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