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  1. FunkOdyssey

    Does hCG boost libido by stimulating 5-alpha-reductase?

    I started a previous thread to unravel the mystery of why hCG improves libido in some men, which generated some good discussion but didn't reach any firm conclusions: https://www.excelmale.com/forum/threads/libido-hcg-vs-higher-t-e2.25785/ Now comes a youtube video from Cortex Labs that claims...
  2. Vince Carter

    How to promote 5AR and DHT conversion

    I have access to a cream that is applied to the scrotum daily, which works really well, verified by testing. But I'm interested in more natural things, anything that might promote the 5AR conversion to DHT. I've investigated Sorghum and I do use Creatine but I don't think that those have had a...
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