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    High testosterone but low other hormones in women

    So my lady got labs finally, from discounted labs she had high natural total testosterone 54, 2.7 free T, but relatively low progesterone at 0.2, and 105 estradiol. This was 5 days after her period. What's strange is despite the high T she has low libido for 26 years old, (never is horny sex every two weeks or less would be fine with her and she never masturbates). How do I go about this and help her or maybe it's me...but other hormones look sorta low

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    Defy Medical does HRT for women as one option to explore.

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    All of those levels are actually fairly appropriate for the timing of her menstrual cycle. Libido is a complex phenomenon in men....and an INFINITELY more complex phenomenon for women. I wouldn't suspect that hormones are the issue in her case (though you would want to check DHEA sulfate level).
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    Her DHEA sulfate is great high end, so I'm not sure. I think she is great but we might be sexually incompatible. Her actually wanting it only once every two weeks doesn't work for me.

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