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    Hello fellow members. I started out already trying to post my pre-treatment lab results instead of introducing myself. Now waiting for it to get approved in the Blood Test forum area.

    I've been searching for the cause/s of my health issues that started in April last year with a major vertigo attack, that led to a panic attack - which I mistook for a heart attack. Three trips to emergency, all with full cardiac workups, led me to a cardiologist and neurologist all which came up empty. Same with my PCP. Being an engineer, I did what we all do, and started my own research. That led me to Wellness/Integrative medicines, lots of research, change in diet, sleep habits, role change at work (to reduce stress), and ultimately to researching my own diagnostic tests -- including thyroid and hormones -- where I finally found some issues.

    That led me to TRT research and ultimately ExcelMale -- obviously one of the top male hormone related sites available these days. I look forward to learning from others, and sharing when I can. As I often quote to younger employees I help train, "Nothing of me is original, I am the combined knowledge of every person I have ever known."

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