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    Thumbs up Royal Men's Medical Center is NOT a bargain

    I was with Renew Youth for testosterone treatment for a monthly fee of $300. After a year I found Royal Men's Medical Center for $200 a month and switched. It seemed alright at the begining but even early on I felt it was a "cookie cutter" clinic. I wasn't impressed with Dr. Rodriguez. I was taking smaller injections twice a week with Renew Youth. Dr Rodriguez didn't think that was necessary and was very dismissive when I asked him to explain. he said "We don't do that here." I went along with it, I was saving $100 a month. After a year my testosterone supplies were coming up up short by 2+ injections. I could have made a mistake once but not 2 injections worth and for 2 months in a row. I also noticed after about 6 months the HCG wasn't mixing very well. I had to let it sit for at least 5 minutes before it would dissolve. When I tried to talk to them about my issues I was given the runaround, humiliated told that after a year I should know how to inject. It was like talking with couple of thugs. Alex Azaria was one of the employees that I spoke with. When I said I felt I was getting the runaround, Alex Azaria cancelled my account without consulting with the doctor. Dr Rodriguez refused to speak with me but had his thugs call me just to harass me. Sounds unbelievable but that's what happened. In the end they did me a favor.

    I since have gone with Defy Medical who have so far been very professional. They are very knowledgable and do actually treat each patient individually. The initial upfront costs are more but it evens out and is comparable to RMM—and as time goes on, when less frequent blood tests are needed, it may even be less.

    Also VERY IMPORTANT. Defy Medical prescribed 3 smaller weekly doses which have actually helped with my high red blood cell count. The doctor explained in detail why smaller more frequent doses work better. And the HCG dissolves quickly.

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    first post swinging for the fences. This will be good when Dr Rodriguez sees it.

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    I am assuming that you left your vial of Testosterone at the office with them?

    V.C. You gotta think he is loving the free advertising.

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    THUGS Luv it. Any truth to the rumor that people are being Shanghaied at clinics, waking up on slave ships running armaments for the deep state?

    Health Care Modernization and Full Employment Act of 2019: America's growing army of Street Persons are to be licensed for TRT. They have the needles and the expertise.

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    I don’t get your point Re-Ride. It certainly is not in any way helpful to people looking for information about TRT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StephenforTestosterone View Post
    I don’t get your point Re-Ride. It certainly is not in any way helpful to people looking for information about TRT.
    Stephan, your thread concerns the availability of treatment which is a sub-category of "info on TRT" . Thuggary and health care have become synonymous as you've noted. You will get great care from Defy. What about those who can't afford pay out of pocket for
    health care or for the criminally inflated price of medicine?

    Testosterone only costs pennies to make. The future is either decriminalization or a wider black market. Street people are part of the already billion dollar per year drug distribution network. Licensing them and certifying their product as we are learning to do with THC serves both the consumer and the interests of free trade American entrepreneurship.

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    Thank You Re-Ride. I appreciate you clearing up for me what you were saying. I’m a little thick headed(lol). I’m with you on all of it.

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