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    What are the current peptide/RC companies that have legit products?

    I’ve heard RUI, Maxim, Bluesky, ProvenPeptides, etc. However, before I trust “research chems” to manage my hormone levels, what companies can you guys vouch for? The prices seem to vary so much from site to site. I want to order arimidex, clomid, and nolvadex.

    Thanks in advance, gentlemen. Cheers.

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    I don't think that any of those are dangerous per se but asking about those places and then asking what's "legit" is problematic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince Carter View Post
    I don't think that any of those are dangerous per se but asking about those places and then asking what's "legit" is problematic.
    I see what you mean there lol. I mean “legit” as in properly dosed as advertised and being the correct chemical compound.

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    used RUI for a couple years. CIA on sale and the product i bought:
    bottles NOT sealed
    NO lot numbers
    I guess when they promote it they dilute it. NOT DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN!

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    Are all peptide companies the same.

    I am not a medical practitioner. Any suggestions I provide are not medical recommendations and are just my opinions. Please consult with your physician on any matters concerning your health.

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    I'm surprised you haven't gotten any response to this question, I dont seem to get much help on here when I post either. Surely someone can give testimony on who seems to have working products they've tried?

    I have the same question, I use blue sky which was good at first but now is totally bunk. I've tried several batches and I dont get any benefits or sides at all anymore. I dont trust the company anymore, either have to find another research site or find a legit compounding pharmacy, unfortunately the ones I've called only work with clinics who bill everything to the patient and wont bill you separate. And the price they charge is crazy, $299 a bottle for one place!

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    I found a place called Pure Rawz and it hasn’t let me down. Fast shipping too! Check them out.

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    So I've called tons of legit pharmacies today and they either stopped dealing with peptides due to the FDA hassling them or dont compound them at all, or one charges a rediculous $299 a bottle.

    I found one on reddit, the xpeptide one that i might try. After that i think i'm giving up! It's a shame cause when it was working it really worked great.

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