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    The Stockholm-3 Model for Prostate Cancer Detection

    I´ve been following a recent debate in Sweden about why men shouldn´t have the same right to screening etc.. like women have for detecting breast cancer.
    More men are dying from prostate cancer far more than women dying of breast cancer.

    The old PSA is not the best indicator and why should men not have the right to have a test like mentioned in the above title? Men are suffering in the dark and this test should be included as a normal test at least for men over 50.
    The most stupid argument I heard is - it would overtreat men that are not at risk and it would couse side effects for them. HELLO! So many men have to die just for a fewer men would have to put up with some side effects that wouldn´t be necessary.

    How is this handled is US? Is this test only offered to the more privilege or?
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    I bet new to most folks in the U.S.
    Here are a few links with more info:
    "The Stockholm3 test combines five protein markers, over 100 genetic markers, clinical data and a decision algorithm to detect the risk of aggressive prostate cancer. The test is based on research conducted at Karolinska Institutet. It has been tried on men 50-70 years in a clinical study which included almost 60,000 participants. The results have been published in numerous scientific journals, including The Lancet Oncology, Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology and European Urology Focus."


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    Thx Orrin! It would also be interesting if some more people as well would chime in on this.

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