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    NJ Bill Will Compromise Access to TRT for Police, Firefighters

    I saw this in my Twitter feed. A proposed bill will require any police officer or firefighter to report use of prescribed anabolic steroids or HGH to a designated physician, who would assess their fitness for duty. In think the effect would be to discourage officers from using TRT and compromise their privacy. Here is the text of the bill:

    1. The governing body of every county and municipality and the board of fire commissioners of every fire district shall designate a physician to whom a local law enforcement officer or firefighter shall report the receipt of a prescription for anabolic steroids or human growth hormone.
    2. A local law enforcement officer or firefighter who has received a prescription for anabolic steroids or human growth hormone shall report the prescription to the physician designated in section 1 of this act within five days of receiving the prescription. Failure to comply with this section shall subject the officer or firefighter to disciplinary action.

    3. The physician designated in section 1 of this act shall:
    a. Make an annual medical examination of every local law enforcement officer or firefighter who reports receiving a prescription for anabolic steroids or human growth hormone;
    b. Assess if, in the physician's professional opinion based upon the results of the medical examination, the officer or firefighter is able to adequately perform the duties of employment; and
    c. Report to the appropriate governing body or board of fire commissioners the findings of the examination.

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    Unless they specifically state a cutoff for T in a serum blood test, how would they know? They would have to say anything above 1100 Total Test otherwise its too ambiguous to enforce and being on TRT would be incredibly easy to maintain private and then how do you force me to divulge my personal health information anyway; HIPAA?

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    How could they know? Email or phone messages from the doctor or clinic. Cell phone location data or license plate readers that locate you at a clinic. People these days have less privacy than you think.

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    I don't doubt that in the socialist republic of New Jersey but that would be a real stretch of the imagination that they would go that far and if so it's probably a place you should think twice about working at any way.

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