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    Prevent the Flu with These Supplements

    The 2018 winter flu is pretty much the Ivan Drago of seasonal flu: a lean and mean infecting machine whose goal is to replicate repeatedly and break you.

    Can this replication be curbed? What has the evidence of the past few years uncovered when it comes to cold and flu supplement evidence?

    First, realize the magnitude of the problem. Either you or someone you know has probably had flu-like illness in the past few weeks. Already, three Examine.com team members have been infected and forced to retreat under blankets. The flu vaccine isn’t helping so much this year; flu season is peaking right around now, and everyone’s looking for treatment options.

    Next, get this mantra into your head: if you’re consistently low on sleep and eating crappy, you’re much more likely to get sick. Make sleep even more of a priority these following weeks.


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