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    Issue with Prime Body

    So I've been on TRT for 16 weeks through Prime Body and noticed my shipment didn't have tracking yet and I couldn't get feedback from my coordinator or doctor.

    So I make a call and find out my coordinator no longer works with Prime Body and that I had been dropped. They still had my info but for some reason my services were discontinued and I wasn't notified. It's nothing a phone call didn't fix but this was kind of a shock to me. Anyone familiar with this?

    The good news is, my shipment should still come on time since I called, and they were very open when I asked about changing a doctor. Not sure if I really need to though.

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    Please email me directly at: seanmosher@gmail.com.
    I'll get you taken care of and make sure that you get a new rep.
    I apologize for the mix up here.

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