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    Anyone know when Defy will be open? Out of Meds and need refill

    Dr Saya changed me to 3 times a week instead of twice and I ran out of hcg and am about to run out of test. I know they were in the path of Irma so I have no idea how much damage if any they received. I have enough test for the week but hcg is empty after this morning's partial dose .32 ml instead of .35.

    Anyone have any info on how they fared or when they might be back in the office? I have called and when I do get through I get a busy signal. I had already left a message for a refill friday. I tried calling the pharmacy to see if they could help but cant get through at all to Hallandale.

    Will not taking hcg for a few days cause any serious issues?

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    Not administering HCG for a few days will pose no problems. Defy hoped to be open tomorrow, as they state in the alert that was sent to patients last week. Of course, now that the storm has hit it will depend on what their facility sustained in terms of damage (to say nothing of their staff being able to return to work).

    I am not a physician. Comments offered here are for discussion purposes only. Please consult your doctor before initiating, changing, or stopping any therapy.

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    There's going to be a big backlog especially with UPS getting packages out, I got an order in and recipt last week when Irma was still comin and I don't think I'll see anything this week at all but I'm not out of Cyp either. There's no reason to sweat the HCG.

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    Thanks for the info. If missing a week or so of hcg wont muck things up then I will be fine. I just hope everyone from Defy managed ok and things get back to normal soon.

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    When I call their main number a man answers and says it's the wrong number. Tried twice. Maybe the phone got forwarded wrong or something. Hope they are all doing well.

    Was hoping they would call in a script I could fill locally. Do they do that sort of thing?

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    Phones are up in some capacity, just got a robocall from Defy for medications refill

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    Half of the staff will start tomorrow while others that need to deal with storm related damage will come in as they resolve their issue.

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