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    Thank you dr saya, defy medical, Nelson vergel and excelmale

    I just would like to thank you all for all the help that has came from this wonderful forum and group of people. Thank you to dr saya, defy medical and this forum. I had my consultation with dr saya and it went wonderfully! Words can't express the relief for my wife and I about how my consult with with dr saya went. Such s wondeful guy, spoke to me as a person and not an idiot, asked for my opinions, explained things in an easy way, and just overvall was a great experience and have ZERO complaints. Once again thank you all so very much!
    So far we our focus for now is my testosterone levels, adrenal glands, and igf1 levels.

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    I am glad You had a great experience! Dr Saya is a great doctor and person.

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    Thank you Nelson!

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    It is my privilege and honor to help.

    Very nice of you to say, everydaystruggle and Nelson.
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    Thank you, my name is blake eaton. I had my consult with you on Tuesday, incase you wanted to put a face to the name lol.

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