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    New Protein Source: "Water Lentils"

    It looks like the nutritional supplement industry, always looking for a new product, has found a new source of protein: "water lentils," more commonly known as duckweed. Before you laugh, it wasn't so long ago that whey was considered a waste product of cheese making, of no commercial value. The plant is grown in shallow ponds through aquaculture and should be very cheap to manufacture once production scales up. It requires minimal processing and is surprisingly high in good quality protein. As the web site that is pushing water lentils says:

    Rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and micronutrients, water lentils have been described as the world’s most complete food source. LENTEINtm contains 45-50% high-quality plant protein and more essential and branch-chain amino acids than any other plant protein. It is also highly digestible compared to plant proteins.
    It's not available in the market yet as far as I can tell, but if it is priced reasonably I expect it will be popular with young vegan men, a growing market.

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