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    Dr. Michael Rotman - Long Island & Manhattan NY!!!

    Hello Gentleman,

    I felt compelled to talk about my experience with Dr. Rotman. This forum has been a great resource and wanted to give back in some way to hopefully save someone all the troubles I have endured throughout my journey, despite how short it has been so far.

    Just a brief story:

    After about 10 years of suffering with low T symptoms and finding this forum, it sparked me to get some blood work done. I went to a random GP and the results came back that I had TT levels just below normal. Naturally, he didn't want to treat me and told me to see a urologist. I sought out a urologist that supposedly dealt with this issue. After MORE bloodwork to confirm, he was quick to say I was fine since I was within normal (low normal-330) and the issue was not low T but the problem was between my ears. He wanted me to see a shrink and sent me on my way.....
    I then sought out an endocrinologist. He agreed with me that I have testosterone deficiency and also agreed to put me on testosterone. It quickly went downhill from there...he truly had no idea how to treat it though. He wanted me to inject 200mg every 2 weeks, which I know is a tell tale sign to RUN (thanks to reading this forum). He didn't treat with HCG or an AI if needed because he said therapeutic doses won't cause any issues with atrophy or fertility. I took the script and ran. I decided I would start treatment at 100mg/wk and seek out a new doc who knew proper protocol.
    The next doc was a urologist that had his own web page with all info about low T. I thought great, finally!
    Boy I couldn't have been more wrong. I didn't find out until later that his main thing is fertility and was totally against ANY form of testosterone. He took me off my injections after three weeks and started me on clomid 25mg ED. After 6 weeks, my T rose 59pts. I had ZERO libido, the worst case of insomnia, was irritable, and would get hot flashes all day. I went for a follow up with a grin on my face thinking I would get to go back on injections since clomiphene was a failure. He took me off clomid alright and told me he doesn't know what else to do and that he is referring me to a blood specialist to see if I have a deficiency in something. Um hello!!! A testosterone deficiency is the problem!!!

    After leaving his office more frustrated than I have ever been, I went home and started to seek out yet another doctor - Dr. Michael Rotman. Truly, a breath of fresh air!!!

    He has two offices, one in Manhattan and one in Long Island. I went to the Long Island office.
    I waited a total of 15 minutes before I was called in, which I think is a phenomenal wait time being I was a new patient. I gave Dr. Rotman all of my labs and he quickly gave them a look over. He agreed I have a deficiency. I picked his brain for literally 45 min, asking all sorts of questions. He answered EVERY SINGLE ONE thoroughly. He has the patience of a Saint because I know I ask a lot of questions. His bedside manner is just outstanding. He actually reads up on books about this topic and is up to date on ALL protocols. He is all for HCG and an AI if needed. He actually has HCG in the office that you can buy that is very reasonable which was made in a compound pharmacy.
    To be honest, I was actually so relieved to find such an understanding, compassionate, and caring Doctor that my eyes started to water listening to him talk. It was like a weight was lifted. He treats the patient and not the number.
    He is actually an active member on this board as well.

    So that's my experience with Dr. Rotman. I hope I am able to save people a lot of time and frustration from searching for doctors. From what I read, my experience with the incompetent Docs above are far too common. If anyone has any questions, just ask here or PM me.

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    Thank you for sharing!!
    I know that he's also now doing Tele-Med visits for us through PrimeBody as well.
    Have heard nothing but positives so far.

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    Yes, thank you. I have had nothing but a good experience.

    I made an error in the dosing above regarding the endocrinologist. He wanted me on 200mg every 2 weeks, NOT 200mg/wk. Sorry if that cause any confusion. I corrected my error.

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    He has been answering questions here (7 pages of posts so far)

    Ask The Urologist Anything (Dr Michael Rotman)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nelson Vergel View Post
    He has been answering questions here (7 pages of posts so far)

    Ask The Urologist Anything (Dr Michael Rotman)
    Yes, that's how I heard of him. Thanks for adding the link Nelson.

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