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    Gyno Recurring...Should I Use Tamoxifen?

    Started TRT 8 weeks ago here in the UK. 125mg Test E once p/week, 300 IU HCG twice p/week.
    After two weeks I had put on 5lbs in weight and my nipples were puffy, I guessed my Estrogen was going up but I also knew that it could be just my changing hormones. However, in the third week I noticed a fatty irregular build up behind my nipple which was sore and beginning to form a lump.

    I contacted my Dr who told me to wait as I had my blood test a week later. This is the advice I should have followed but the sight of my puffy nipples and a sore lump behind one of them was very distressing for me. I took 1mg Anastrazole for three days (3mg in total). The pain and the puffiness went over the next couple of days and then I went to see my Dr.I told him what I had done.

    We took blood and got the results 9 days later.

    Total T - 19.2 nmo/l ( ref range 12 - 29 ) - 554ng/dl
    Estradiol 45 p/mol/l ( ref range 12 - 29 ) - 12.25pg/ml
    Non sensitive test as I am in the UK

    Low estradiol probably due to Anastrazole use. Dr prescribed same protocol but incresed my HCG TO 450 IU twice p/week and added 0.25mg Anastrazole twice p/week

    A week and a half into this new protocol and I have a hot chest area, itchy nipples and the lump is sore again.
    Dr has told me to drop the HCG and also get my prolactin tested. Our difference of opinion is that I want to use Tamoxifen. All the research I have done suggests I should use Tamoxifen to hopefully reverse the gyno and not let it take hold.I am sure Dr Crisler starts at 40mg daily with a tapering protocol and Dr Rand Mclain on youtube ( Ask the Doc series, episode 23 )

    I have previously used AAS years ago and also tried self medicating, had same gyno issue then which I controlled with Tamoxifen and once I stopped taking Testosterone it disappeared

    Advice? Thanks

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