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    My newest book

    I am glad to announce,that my next project will be released on Amazon,by this summer.
    It is the expanded version of my previous book in Greek,focusing on medical prevention rules,regarding PEDs use and principles of PCT/HRT,as a result to AAS abuse.
    The text encloses more than 35,000 words,while the tittle will be:''PEDs,a physician's and former athlete perspective''.
    At this moment,i would like to thank a few people,who's contribution was valuable.
    -Nelson Vergel,the author of "Testosterone:
    A man's guide" and creator of
    His contribution to the English transation of my latest book,was a major achievement without any doubt.We exchanged priceless scientific information online and i am thankful for that interaction.
    -Dr.John Crisler,the author of "TRT".Brilliant physician with vast experience in AAS & TRT use in men.Thank you for your kindness.
    -Dr.Massimo Spattini,the author of "Com diet and spot reduction".Fortuned to be tutored by him personaly,he is still a role model as we serve the same passion for bodybuilding.
    -Jay Campbell,author of "TRT manual" and creator of open minded fellow,who gave me the opportunity to talk in his podcast.
    -Rick Collins,the worlds finest expert regarding steroid law.I had the privillege of meeting him,exchanging valuable ideas about the iron sport and PEDs use.
    -Carl Lanore,creator of Super Human Radio.
    A sharp mind who trusted me twice and had the honor talking on his show live.Glad to have met Carl and Alisa in Columbus,OH.
    -Patrick Arnold,the mastermind chemist.
    A legendary scientist who has developed extensive research on Keto supplements.
    Meeting him was quite an experince,as well as interacting online.Thank you for your time sir.
    -Frank Sepe,my inspiration during my early days of fitness.Hopefully i met him almost two decades later,at the Arnolds festival.His vast experience is something you rarely found.
    -Jay Cutler,4x times Mr.Olympia.I was thrilled each time we met.We had the chance of having two seminars,held in Greece and to meet twice, in ASC & FIBO EXPOs 2016.
    Spending time with him was an dream of a life time.Champ,keep motivating us.
    -William Llewellyn,last but not least.Creator of,,CEO of Molecular Nutrition,author of Anabolics books.He is the man who believed in my potential and accompished my dream:expanding my knowledge,far from domestic borders.
    Truely,i would never thought of becoming international,five years ago when i published my first book.To him i owe my international carrier.I am very grateful to him and his associate,Tim Zakowski.Proud to be a member of his latest masterpiece,Anabolics book 11th edition.
    This book is dedicated to those who believed in me and my vision.My family mostly and my followers.


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    Looking forward to your book! Glad I could help.

    I ma happy that I have helped 4 people publish their testosterone books!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nelson Vergel View Post
    Looking forward to your book! Glad I could help.

    I ma happy that I have helped 4 people publish their testosterone books!
    You are an angel from above

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