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    Test Results

    Hello all I'm going on 2 years of TRT. I had my labs recently drawn for my clinic and some of the number came back strange. Very low Estradiol and prolactin I was hoping somebody would be able to give me some clarity with this. I'm fine on my erections and morning wood and such, but I am having some significant joint pain and seem bloated at times and tired. These labs were drawn by CompuNet.

    Total Testosterone 827 ng/ml
    Free Testosterone 215.8 pg/dl
    Estradiol Sensitivity < 5 pg/ml
    Prolactin 1ng/ml
    Leutinizing Hormone <0.1 miu/ml
    Free T3 3.7 pg/ml
    T4 Free 1.24 ng/dl
    Hematocrit 48.7
    TSH 2.580

    I am prescribed 100 mg of testosterone cypionate twice per week sub q, 0.5 mg anastrozole 3 times a week, 0.5 mg of cabergoline twice per week, and 500 IU of HCG twice per week. Any advice or guidance would be appreciated. Thnak you.

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    I'm sure you know that your Prolactin and estradiol levels are too low. Why are you prescribed 0.5 mg anastrozole 3 times a week, 0.5 mg of cabergoline twice per week. I wonder if you're on a cookie-cutter approach to TRT.
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    Can you provide the reference ranges for the lab tests you quoted? Once you are one TRT protocol there's no reason to measure LH (or FSH) as they will have been shut down by the exogenous testosterone you are taking. What is your SHBG value? Large doses of everything - testosterone, cabergoline, and AI.

    The AI has crashed your estradiol. Why are you taking it? Prolactin tells the same story.
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