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    Beta blockers killed my libido

    Hello guys, I have Taken beta blockers for ~ 3 years, and it crashed my libido How to Increase it now? Even TRT and good hormones level did not cure that. Should I stop beta blockers and try something other that decrease my heart rate?

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    BBs work by blunting and even shutting off the Adrenaline response, and adrenaline is a vaso dialator. So if you cant get aroused and can't get increased blood flow...notorious for these sexual sides in men. I gave up my BB personally. I was using 25mg Metoprolol XL and didn't really notice negative sides at that very low dose, but I do with 50mg. So I stopped taking it. My Cardiologist knows of a drug but is only approved for congestive heart failure (insurance wont pay) but can drop your heart rate without as he says, killing your "mojo".

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    So my libido decreased due bad blood flow? I was trying viagra and it help a little bit with "mojo" but not with libido, I was try L-theanine and it increase exactly my libido, but I get side effects so I stopped it. How long it take to get back your libido after you stop?

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    Look into alpha blockers, specifically doxazosin

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    Losartan does not affect libido or sexual function as far as I know. I take 25mg daily and it brought my hypertension to perfect levels without any consequences.

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    Notice he's talking about his pulse, not high blood pressure.

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