New Testosterone Replacement Analyzer App


    Sypolt Systems and Announce New Testosterone Replacement Therapy App

    Free app allows TRT patients to monitor and report their quality of life on Android and iOS.

    Greenville, August 31, 2016: Sypolt Systems and today announced the immediate availability of a new Android and iOS app for men on Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The app allows users to enter treatment protocols and daily assessments which record how they are feeling while on a specific treatment protocol. The results are then displayed in graphs so that users and whoever they wish to share the data with can better understand important areas in quality of life for a given protocol. To download the app, visit on your phone.

    The app records data anonymously so that researchers can analyze results to look for more trends and patterns for more effective treatments. Men on Testosterone Replacement Therapy frequently have to adjust treatments because of age, health, and other issues, and it can become difficult to record and remember what works best and what areas need improvement. The new TRT Analyzer app allows users to record this data in a universal format so that patients and physicians stay informed.

    If you have any questions about the app, have feedback, have a problem, or want to see something added, please Fill out the form with as many details as possible and click the Send Message button. We would appreciate your honest review in the app store where you downloaded the app.

    Sypolt Systems LLC develops custom applications. Jason Sypolt has been building web and mobile applications for over 16 years in healthcare, financial services, and many other industries. is a men’s health forum with over 13,000 members that include educated men, physicians, pharmacists, dietitians, exercise trainers, nutritional supplement experts, and other professionals in the field. The site’s forum topics range from testosterone replacement therapy, Trimix injections use for ED, HCG use for better fertility and libido, estradiol management, thyroid function optimization, peptide information, exercise routines, best supplements for men, high protein diets, testosterone side effect management and much more.

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    Sean Mosher

    I’m up for testing. What all do you need me to do??


    Nelson I started using the app today and have a couple quick observations;
    it might be helpful to have either the Canadian provinces listed or even just Canada as an option. It may give insight as to how the lack of a sensitive E2 test affects results.
    It also might be of benefit to list SQ or IM injection to see if there is a difference.

    Steve Williams

    It is easy to use. I am on it.

    Steve Williams

    I got an alert yesterday afternoon.


    Downloading now to start using


    just started yesterday and did get the reminder today


    Downloading now…

    Tom Larabee

    I was a beta tester and now that its’ live, it is even better. Looking forward to using the export capabilities to graph this over long term and eventually tracking where things are based on when medications are taken to see effects.

    Steve Williams

    Nelson, if I occasionally use tadalafil, it would stand to reason that I would have morning wood the next day. When that is the case, do you want me to toggle yes for morning wood even though I know it reflects on the ED med?

    I am sorry, I know this is probably TMI, but I am seeing legit morning erections about 2 out of every three days. I don’t want to inflate the statistics (pun intended).


    Can we share ideas/suggestions/feedback here in this thread? I like seeing what others think would be a helpful feature.

    I have a couple ideas:
    1. I’d love to add bodyweight on the daily assessment. I’d like to see if there’s correlation between weight loss or gain and other things we’re assessing.
    2. On the charts – I’d love to see line charts or bar charts with the ability to select a few parameters to chart simultaneously. Like I’d love to see trend data for Mood, Energy, and Libido, all at the same time, with each represented by different colored lines.


    I just left a review. Just for reference it did not show any reviews and said there were not enough reviews to give an average rating…. So at least it’s not showing reviews yet.


    Going to download now!


    Ive downloaded the app recently and have begun tracking. First, thank you for the app – have been wanting something to track my TRT therapy. Just a few basic questions so far: 1. Are we only adding ‘medications’ if the med or dosage changes? For me, it would help if i could log each injection with time of day, etc. My schedule is crazy and I sometimes feel me inconsistency with injections may be limiting some success. If I was logging each injection, I would have a history corresponding to my assessments. 2. I tend to over analyze but sometimes… Read more »

    Jason Sypolt

    Disclaimer: I am the TRT Analyzer app developer. The app is free to download and use. cpetersmarck, I will answer your questions and then talk about a personal example (mine) – which is why I created the app and how it has already helped to improve my life on TRT. 1. The idea is that you add the medications that you are on now. Let’s say you inject 50mg of testosterone every 3.5 days. You would enter that into the app along with start and stop dates. The start dates defaults to today and the stop date defaults to 90… Read more »

    Jason Sypolt

    I’ve had similar problems as you with energy, erections, and libido. I’m a patient at Defy now because previous doctors would only prescribe testosterone and nothing else. The ancillaries are what make TRT work for me. A shot of Testosterone in the arm alone is not enough. I’m prescribed DHEA in sublingual troches since it was low. They dissolve under your tongue in a couple of minutes are are watermelon flavored. Since adding DHEA, I sleep like a dead man, and I’m less anxious through the day. I rate myself a 9 or 10 in sleep almost every night. HCG… Read more »

    Dr Justin Saya MD

    Very innovative app, indeed, Jason! 👍👍


    Cool app. Can you add Armour Thyroid (or desiccated thyroid) to the medication list?

    Jason Sypolt

    The following medications have been added to the Medications list:

    Armour Thyroid

    The app will automatically update and pull down the new medications by going to the main screen that lists Assessments, Medications, and Charts.


    So I had mentioned a few things once in the TRT Discussion Facebook group, and I’ve been meaning to add them here for sometime. From what I gather, both the TRT Analyzer app and are created/ran by the same people who run things here? TRT Analyzer tracks quality of life stats in tandem with medication regimens, and Myhealthgraphs tracks lab results. What would be fantastic is if features from both of these applications could be combined into a one-stop-shop for therapy tracking (perhaps maintaining both app and web interfaces). This way you would be able to track your therapy… Read more »

    Jason Sypolt

    Thanks for the feedback Mark. There is a lot more coming as far as features in integrations with other things. I don’t have an ETA, but it is being worked on!

    SoCal Guy

    I just now saw this app and installed it. I had no idea it existed. It looks awesome. A few suggestions: 1) I kind of think you guys might be missing one of the biggest opportunities of an app like this: the ability to show the improvement of TRT itself, compared to life before TRT. Right now, the app can only track the vagaries duringTRT therapy, but is blind to how the TRT regimen might have improved health, psychological or body metrics vs before. ie, right now the app only tracks the process of “dialing in” TRT therapy. But wouldn’t… Read more »

    SoCal Guy

    One last idea: The program seems to offer no reminders or daily reminders. But I think that people that are having good results with TRT will tire of the daily reminders eventually and turn them off, blinding the app to their continued TRT satisfaction. Yet it would be important to keep those people collecting data, even at a lower frequency. Otherwise the app will start to suffer from over-weighting people with bad experiences. So maybe an option could be added for monthly and/or quarterly reminders. Edit: Tracking “libido” as a slider seems problematic because I doubt “libido” means the same… Read more »