Will eating beef steak before your testing raise your Testosterone levels?

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I bought a 4-pack of New york Strip steaks at Costco this week. I have a blood test this friday. will eating a 16 oz steak a night for 4 days artificially raise my T levels?

I don't want my levels to be too high and have my Dr. cut my RX down further. currently take .7ml of depo-test, previously was at .9ml and before that 1ml intramuscular shot per week. I am 46 years old, male been on TRT for about a year.

Since I don't eat steak regularly, i don't want him to lower my RX levels and then have my T fall because I am not eating steak.

also, prefer to eat all the steaks rather than freeze fresh (delicious) meat.

should I skip eating steak the day before testing ? - I have to fast 12 hours before anyway, so not sure about cholesterol levels from steak. I grill it and its lean, but its got good marbling and plenty of juice/fat in it.

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