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I have just found what looks like a good supplier of 1 ML, Low Dead Space, Luer-Lock, Sterile, Barrel/Syringes. The brand name is Soft-Ject. LINK

The Low Dead Space (LDS) Syringes can save quite a lot of product/$ over time.


Easy Touch 27G x 1/2” Luer-Lock Needles are available from BM Global Supply LINK

You may care to consider using the “Swabable“ Luer-Lock vial adapters from Westpharma.

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Nelson, you have done a great job getting all of this great information out there for guys! I have been in the business for many many years and have a huge collection of sources but most don't have this opportunity and get stuck with trying to be syringes from CVS or WalMart. I remember a pharmacy asking me what I was going to do with a 27g, 1", 3cc syringe. I told him I was going to shoot heroin and left them on the counter. Dumb questions get dumb answers. I though by my size alone it would be pretty easy to figure that one out.


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Within the last few weeks Amazon stopped shipping syringes to my State (NY). Luckily it was just after I placed an order.
Whoa! I just checked and you are right!! I bought this product in January 2022, and just checked Amazon to buy again and it says “cannot be delivered to your location (NYC)!”

So what is another option? eBay?
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