When does natural production restart?

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I've gone without testosterone for 3 weeks now, and haven't taken any HCG for the past week. I'm planning to do a restart using Clomid and will start taking it as soon as it arrives.

For those that have gone cold turkey, when do you think your natural production kicked back in? My testicles have been shrinking and pulled up tight for a few days now, which tells me there is no LH or FSH being produced yet. Now I understand that I still have some testosterone in my system due to the half life of the cypionate, but at what point should things start returning to normal?
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I agree with Vince, but if you are staying on Clomid:

I would wait 6-8 weeks after starting Clomid to get a panel like this one done:

Post PCT Panel

What dose are you using?

Remember that is you had low T before starting TRT, your "normalized" T will also be low.

By the way, you placed your question in the wrong forum section and I moved it to the right one. I urge guys to help me out by looking at all sections before placing your questions. Thanks
You quit cold turkey 3 weeks and I don't see the point in a "restart" which at the very best is only going to more smoothly return you to your baseline low T state any way. Really quite pointless IMO. Most of the time in a PCT the Clomid, and/or HCG is horridly overdosed anyway which just leads to E problems.


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Nelson, Defy has my on 12.5mg of Clomid ED.

Vince, I may be misunderstanding the point of a restart, but isn't the point to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce high amounts or LH and FSH for a period of time, then taper off, hoping that they remain somewhat higher than they were at baseline or post TRT without PCT? Much in the same way that HCG can be often be used after long term HPTA suppression to reactivate Leydig cells. It sort of jump-starts the process.

Isn't that why I've seen restarts suggested for younger hypogonadal men, before committing to TRT? I haven't seen this recommend here much, but have on another forum.
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