The straight dope on cholesterol by Dr Peter Attia

Nelson Vergel

#1What is cholesterol?
#2What is the relationship between the cholesterol we eat and the cholesterol in our body?
#3Is cholesterol bad?
#4 How does cholesterol move around our body?
#5 –How do we measure cholesterol?
#6 – How does cholesterol actually cause problems?
#7 – Does the size of an LDL particle matter?
#8 – Why is it necessary to measure LDL-P, instead of just LDL-C?
#9 – Does “HDL” matter after all?
I believe more and more in testing the remnants. Which can be done with simple blood test. There are many athletes and highly sportive people out there who get infarcts with no signs of elevated lipids. The remnants should always be checked because LDL HDL tot etc..... are not anymore the only main indicaters.
I would like an expertise to correct me if I´m wrong.

Interesting article though not about the above:{fd54d09f-d4e7-4053-8d45-2cde39542f74}/triglycerides-hdl-critical-in-controlling-cardiometabolic-risk