The Quality of Online TRT Information

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A study evaluated the quality of online information about testosterone. Blogs and forums such as this one were excluded from the study. The complete text of the study is online. The conclusion was:

"Information about TRT on the internet is not comprehensive, often failing to adequately describe important safety information and the need for regular monitoring and follow up. Most websites do not describe the various routes of administration in enough detail to support patients with their decision making. Additionally, websites are written at a higher readability level than what is currently recommended for patient health information. More effort is required to improve the quality of patient focused online TRT information."
Yeah. Most information seekers either don't know, or have forgotten, how to read. If your search engine is PubMed, fine, if it is YouTube, What You See Is What You Get.
Before I started trt, I read five books, visited three clinics and talked to 3 doctors. None of them came close to the information I got at excelmale.