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Second on the list: sardines. A significant number of you will require prodding to give sardines a try especially if an earlier encounter was with typical low quality supermarket canned. Quality sardines aren't fishy tasting. They are firm mild and meaty and can be purchased as boneless skinless fillets. They are usually hand cut and smoked.

Sardines can be any number of wild harvested species. They dine on plankton and have very little if any mercury or PCB's. Protein levels range from 14-24gm per 4 oz can and 150 calories. The best are harvested from cold clean fisheries. Fresh frozen is best. Good quality canned are almost as good and far more convenient.

Most canning these days is in Canada. Poland, Morocco or Vietnam. The label rarely tells you what fishery they were harvested from. Those harvested from U.S. pacific for example are flash frozen on board when caught and typically shipped to Morocco, Asia or Canada for processing.

The care taken in processing is as, or more important than, the fishery. The Canadians don't have the best reputation in processing even if the catch is usually from clean North Atlantic waters. Crown Prince Canadian might be an exception, although I still prefer their Scottish bristling or Moroccan.

I do take issue with the suggestion that they be bought in water pack. Look for EVO not just "olive oil" if you want acceptable flavor and texture. There should be no other ingredients except salt.

If you don't mind larger fish Bumble Bee skinless boneless Moroccan packed in "pure" olive oil in the green box have been a great value at $1 /can on sale. Only their box-less ones are packed in soybean oil as are just about all Polish canned.

Costco recently offered Wild Planet packed in EVO for less than $1/can.
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