Testosterone Induced Hair Loss: Revifol Hair Growth Supplement

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I was wondering if anyone else had experienced thinning hair since starting testosterone replacement? It's been a complaint of mine for some time, and I've noticed over the years my hair has been thinning. I've talked about it on this forum with several members and the general consensus is that it's caused by high DHT levels. I went to my doctor to discuss the options and wanted to avoid hair loss medications like Finasteride and Minoxidil. Thus, began my search for DHT blocking herbs.

I came across Revifol and decided to give it a try. I'm a couple months in and not sure if it's placebo or not, however my hair is definitely looking thicker. Usually, in the morning when I go to comb my hair, I used to see so many strands of hair in the sink and this has abruptly stopped since I started this supplement. There seems to be good scientific references backing up the ingredients in this supplement too. I was wondering if anyone else had heard of this supplement or had similar positive results by taking it?

I plan to continue taking this supplement for as long as it remains effective, and the only other option I see is to limit DHT spikes with lowering my dosage (apart from quitting TRT). Has anyone else had success with DHT blockers for hair loss due to TRT? How have you managed to combat the hair loss caused by TRT?
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Typical scam. Lot's of 1 star reviews on Amazon. Then bunch of YouTube videos to "warn you" to buy it only from "the official website" where you are greeted with a typical advertisement scam page.


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Some people seem to have success with RU58841 which is a topical androgen blocker that doesn't seem to go systematic as topical finasteride does.

Topical finasteride seems to have fewer side effects than oral but I am not sure why because it affects plasma DHT levels similarly to oral. Some people try microdosing topical finasteride to have less of an impact on plasma DHT. I may try this approach.

Many people rave about minoxidil combined with microneedling. I may try this too but would avoid combining topical finasteride around microneedling sessions to avoid increasing systemic exposure.

I started taking oral finasteride with trt because I had taken it a few times before without any side effects. In fact, it always seemed to increase my libido when I took it. However, I stopped taking it because my estradiol seemed high and I didn't want anything interfering with my numbers until I got dialed. I am currently using minoxidil and ketoconazole which is a weak DHT blocker.


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There are current studies of low doses oral minoxidil having some success but it may cause side effects: drop in blood pressure; swollen legs etc
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