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Hello everyone...new member/first post! I've been doing Testopel pellets for 18 months now...usually every 14 to 16 weeks. Small dosage of five pellets each time.

I felt great for the first 12 months...all the usual positive side effects. However, these last six months, which has been two insertions, I have not felt near as good. I was prescribed Arimidex four months ago. I was given 1 mg pills that I cut into .25 mg portions that I take very 3rd day. I can't really say much changed after I began to take the Arimidex...somewhat better, but not back to where I was when I was at my best.

I had blood work done 6 weeks after my last insert and my TT was 726...Free T was 12.3...Estradoil (sensitive) was 22.4. This was a DiscountLabs order, so please feel free to ask about other bloodwork results.

I have an appointment with a Doctor next Friday to discuss IM injections (test cyp and HCG). Pellets are a bit trouble-free. However, four inserts a year for another 20 years (I am 50 years old) means 80 more incision in my rear end...that is not very appealing. I'm 6' and weigh 165 lbs...not a lot of surface area there to work with...Ha!

Here is my question: has anyone here noticed diminished results with pellets? Has anyone converted from pellets to injections? If so, what should I expect during the switch-over?

Thanks for any insight or suggestions!
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Most men that start with pellets stop and move to injecting. So many issues with pellets. But doctors make a lot of money inserting them.

Sean Mosher

I have a friend here in Houston under the care of Dr. Lippschulz who wanted to switch from pellets to injections for the same reasons you listed above.
In his words, he's doing a lot better now on injections that he ever felt he did on pellets.
He definitely got the opposite of diminished results.
Keep us posted on your transition!


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I did the switch in January 2017. I was getting 12 pellets every 3 months and liked the trouble free treatment. I still had swings at the end of the 3 months, and switched to Testosterone Cyp 200 in January. I take two injections a week (every 3.5 days) right now at .4 mls. I feel good, think it has helped my sex life, and I can tell the body mass is changing. About the 165 pounds you will gain lots of space as you get older.


I was only getting 5 pellets every 12 weeks...cost for 4 inserts, which had to be prepaid, was $3,200.00, which included blood work. However, the blood work was the standard Estradiol test, not the sensitive test.

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Fewer than 12 pellets will not do the job. The problem is that the Testopel indication only allows for 6 pellets to be covered by insurance. Many doctors do not use Testopel (75 mg per pellet) but cheaper compounded ones which can have 100 mg per pellet.

So, psaufan, it seems that your doctor was not educated on Testopel. You are better off with injections.

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