Supplements used for lifting

Don’t waste your money on all those supplements. Take protein powders (if you’re not getting enough protein in your diet) and creatine......maybe ZMA. The other supplements won’t do much for gaining lean mass.
I would take Vitargo over Karbolyn!

Been using intra/post workout for over 10 years.

Vitargo Sports Drink | Fastest Sports Drink from Mouth to Muscle

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How many gms of protein and fat per day?

Regardless of taking carbs intra/post workout.....a diet higher in complex carbs as in 400-600 grams/day will result in not only better pumps in the gym but increased muscle mass/strength, bigger fuller harder muscles, increased endurance/intensity and top it off with better recovery!

I have always eaten a diet high in complex carbs (500 grams/day), moderate protein, lower fat and made my best mass/strength gains eating this way.

Depending on ones genetics/insulin sensitivity one will find what level of carbohydrate in the diet is needed.

6 months ago I increased my carbs to 600 grams/day!