Successful Acne Treatment: Aczone(Dapsone) Gel, 7.5%

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I started TRT therapy about six months ago. Love the benefits. But I started to get acne, (like when I was in high school) which almost made me quit TRT. Believe me bad memories. This was facial acne and not backny to be very clear. My doctor recommended and wrote a prescription for Finasteride(5mg per day). After reading about Finasteride side effects online from people that have been on it for a longtime, I decided not to even touch it.

I started to try highly recommended topical, but none seemed to work. In my deep frustrated state I IM'ed Mr. Nelson Vergel on FB, and asked him what he would recommend. He was truly helpful and asked me to try this new topical called Aczone. I had the doctor write me a prescription and ordered the gel right away.

The good news is that it worked, and worked well. It dried out my face in an instance. It stoped new Acne from forming. Face cleared out fast. Not sure how this will work for backny!

And the bad news is the price of this 90G canister (that is supposed to last three months) is $650 dollars. I have good health coverage, yet, it cost me $150 for a the 3mnth supply.


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Nelson Vergel

I bet I can get ways to get this compounded. It is an old antibiotic that we used to use for PCP pneumonia prophylaxis.
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Nelson Vergel

Answer from Empower Pharmacy:

"At a 7.5% strength it would take 6.75g to make a 90g bottle. At $40/g it would cost us $270 in active ingredient alone to make this. To make a profit we'd have to sell this at a minimum of $400, which would make it just as uneconomical as Aczone.
I would recommend some of our inexpensive Acne Creams (Niacinamide/Ketoconzale) or (Benzoyl Peroxide/Clindamycin/Ascorbic Acid)."
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