Stress and testosterone issues

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Hey guys....

Check out this article.....

I think this is definitely contributing issue to my hormone issues

Had huge amount of stress from job, sick kids parents and failing marriage. Even with all resolved accept marriage my body remains in fight flight mode and as such even with TRT struggles with symptoms

Anyone know of any supplements meds etc that might help break the cycle? Working on resolving last piece of life puzzle (marriage) but feel fight flight is so natural now turning off naturally seems impossible

Any thoughts?

Right there with you and our stories sound almost exact. Except maybe I am a few years ahead of you in the divorce. Unfortunately a lot of breaking the cycle is getting to a good place and acceptance. And letting go of guilt you may have with these events.

Benzos helped me and then hurt me. I think they also wrecked my hormones. I have tried nearly every supplement and herb and there doesn't seem to be a magic bullet. At least not yet!

If you have high cortisol, phosphatidylserine helps. So do high amounts of vitamin c as well as tulsi tea.
I know how you feel, in the middle of a nasty divorce as well. Caught her cheating. 3 young kids. Work, money is tight, If it weren't for the good Lord I would be stark raving mad. I have been on benzos for 15 years so they did not help much. The biggest help has been once a week accupuncture. I went for my fibromyalgia symptoms which it has greatly improved. But it relieves stress as well. When I leave, it is like I for lack of a better term, smoked about half a joint. Last time I got back to work from going, folks said, boy, what did she give ou, you look high as a kite. It is endorphins. It truly has helped my stress level.

Nelson Vergel

I am sorry you guys have gone through all that stress that no doubt can increase cortisol.

I know this may sound like new age voodoo, but mindfulness meditation has shown to decrease cortisol. It is not the type of meditation where you sit there trying to quiet your mind (which I cannot do!). All you have to do is take a few breaths (expanding your belly) while you become aware of your surroundings or body tensions (2-5 minutes). You can do that while driving, showering, walking, etc

I try to do that too Nelson, and it is helpful. What happened to me is I shot all of my cortisol production. From being stressed I am sure. Not a good problem.
Yes, I will hunt up the results if I can find them. They were bad. Ok level at 5am upon waking. After that, bottomed out all day long. She tried hydrocortisone, it cramped me up, the Florinef, it did too. Not one time did she check aldosterone, which I think I was cramping.
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Ive tried the mindful and it helps temporarily but not enough to give consistent lower levels. I suspect that I've created a new norm for my body and therefore I'm revving hard even when things are fairly calm. Soon as I have anything that induces more fight/flight (specifically intimacy) I'm totally in weeds.

Resting heartbeat is high (even being in good shape) other symptoms kick in as soon after with any stressor Sleep is hard too.

Thats why I'm looking for something to tune me down or return me to a more healthy lower level.... Meditation helps a spike but won't address the new norm
I know what you are saying with stress being a new norm for the body. I will call and get a opt sent to me of my cortisol levels. But they were pitiful. I have an appt with my trt dr tommorow. I am making a list. I have a lot of stuff my my primary dr that are left hanging wide open. Hopefully I can get him to close the gaps.
Dave, as Keith had mentioned, look at the 24 hour saliva test. The 4x saliva panel is the one to go for (some have 6x too).

As I've posted many times, you will find that the productivity of thyroid, specifically the activity of T3 is dependent on the adrenals functioning adequately.