Should You Use Lactoferrin to Lose Weight?

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Nelson Vergel

Lactoferrin has been experiencing an increased interest by researchers and medical professionals, and rightly so: It’s shown an astounding array of potential benefits to human health and disease prevention. The wide range of potential health and disease fighting properties of lactoferrin are covered extensively in two prior articles “The Bioactive Peptide that Fights Disease” and a later update outlining recent research findings with additional research found . This article shows a recently discovered benefit of this unique peptide that were quite unexpected. -


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Several years ago I reported on a Japanese study that showed men taking 300 mg of lactoferrin per day over an 8-week period lost almost 2 inches from their waistline. The same research group has now published a second study that helps identify how lactoferrin shrinks stomach fat.

The key finding was that lactoferrin reduced a substance called perilipin. Perilipin coats droplets of fat that are stored in fat cells, preventing them from being broken down. Lactoferrin directly reduces perilipin levels, in essence helping to open the gate so that stored fat particles can flow out of fat cells.

It is not surprising that lactoferrin has this ability. This nutrient is in very high levels following birth, a time when the baby is rapidly growing. Rapid growth requires fuel, including fuel in the form of fat. By liberating fat from storage, lactoferrin ensures that the energy needs for high growth are more likely to be met.

Later in life lactoferrin levels can be compromised by poor health, especially if a person struggles with sinus, oral, or digestive health issues. It is interesting that such issues often occur in overweight people, who are known to have higher-than-normal levels of perilipin. These higher levels of perilipin will make it more difficult to break down stored fat and lose weight.

Of course, if a person eats too much food the benefit of lactoferrin will be negligible, since fat that is being broken down will simply be sent back to storage because there is no need to burn the released fat as fuel. However, if a person eats a proper amount of calories and exercises, then lactoferrin is likely to help encourage the release of stored fat that will help sustain the person's energy level while they lose weight.

It is certainly an option to consider for stubborn weight loss, for breaking through a weight loss plateau, or as a strategy to get rid of that last five problematic pounds.
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