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Hi Nelson,

I have carefully read all the research trials on Low Intensity Shockwave (LISW) ED treatments and to me as an experienced medical researcher, they seem to offer the most successful and naturally healing (a natural revascularization of the veins leading to the penis)upwards of 80% success rates and there are many published studies of this with more coming every week, including new ideas about using it to revitalize women's genitalia as well as men's. The principal of using acoustical sound shock waves is not new to medicine as it's been done successfully for healing of surgical wounds, breaking up of kidney stones, and healing of broken bones by facilitating the the needed blood flow to the area. But the breakthrough for ED is only a few years old, and is growing inn Isreal and EU plus other countries lie China and Japan. Just do goggle searches for "Low Intensity Shock wave treatment for ED" and the studies will appear. The leading machine for most of the trials is the ED1000 (Medispect company), a costly but effective machine which involves usually 12 20 minute treatments to 5 to 6 points on the vascular feeds to and including on the penis. I'm at treatment 6 (in Germany) after which the recommendation is to take a break for the natural revascularization healing process and growth of new tissues in the veins feeding blood to the penis. It is painless! Being a researcher my self, I'm soon to be involved in doing some research comparing the ED1000 12 sessions by themselves, compared to the ED1000 coupled to holistic health interventions (including supplements, a hot bath soak, followed by a sensuous Esalen-type full body massage) plus a third intervention of possible Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture to go beyond the focus on on the genitals and broaden it to the whole body and mind. I'm being treated in Munich, Germany here: Tell them Prof. Lyon seen you.

More to cum!

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I had it done a few months ago. $6000? I only paid $3000.

If it helped any the help was fairly subtle. One reason I'm not sure of it's benefit is after I had the treatment I discovered this forum, and then discovered liquid Cialis. I've been on about 6mg/day for about 3 months, and my erections are terrific. At this point I'm not too excited about taking a break just to see how things work without the Cialis. Maybe some day...


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Could you expand on the treatment for $3,000? How many treatments did you get? You're not sure if there was a benefit or not because you started taking liquid Cialis soon after?
Is the liquid Cialis injectable?


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Could you expand on the treatment for $3,000? How many treatments did you get? You're not sure if there was a benefit or not because you started taking liquid Cialis soon after?
Is the liquid Cialis injectable?
It really sounds like the Shockwave (LISW) ED treatments don't work.:(

Nelson Vergel

This company just sent me this shockwave device to try it.



My wife owns a med spa where she offers Gainswave treatment. The feedback from her clients has been almost universally positive. The "sticker price" is $3,000 for 6 treatments or $5,000 for 12. Whether you do 6 or 12 depends on how you score on an ED questionnaire. The benefits last 2-3 years unless you do the recommended maintenance protocol of 1 session every three months, in which case you should see no decline in function. For even better results you can supplement it with mesenchymal stem cell injections into the penis (at an extra cost of course). The general rule of thumb is if you respond well to drugs like Cialis or Viagra then you are a good candidate for Gainswave. She has turned away a few people whose underlying medical conditions made them unlikely to see any benefit from it. While the treatment seems pricey, a good machine (there are several options on the market) will cost about $40,000 or so, and the provider has to recoup that cost. So yes, from our experience Gainswave is a very viable treatment. I don't know how effective the inexpensive home devices are, but I am skeptical. If you try the home device be sure to cover the perineum area. She did about 4 treatments on me when she was new to it, and I would describe it as very uncomfortable but not painful.
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