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Nelson Vergel

By Jay Campbell

Unfortunately due to the current Managed Care Medical System, requesting your blood work through your insurance benefits is supremely tricky business. Most of the time you'll get hit by a super premium laboratory analysis bill from LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics weeks after you received your blood test results. You'll also waste time arguing with your general practitioner who will likely refuse your blood work request saying you don't need it.

There is a much better way to get your blood work done (once or twice a year or for whatever frequency you need it) and not break the bank while doing so.
Nelson Vergel's company DiscountedLabs is absolutely STELLAR and their customer service and efficiency are incredible.


The Importance of Regular Blood Work - Fabulously Fit Over 40


Nelson Vergel

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So I wanted to try and get from tests done from Discounted Labs....
But they don't work with my state, NJ.

Is there a other option for someone like me in NJ?


New Member
I used Discounted Labs for the first time last week. My experience was entirely positive and I would recommend them to anyone. I often have trouble getting my PCP to order out the tests I want done (maybe it's a Medicare thing... I don't know). This gives me a work-around to get the tests that I want. Two thumbs up!!


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