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Affordable Blood Tests - No Doctor Visit- Most US Cities | Discounted Labs

At we pride ourselves in offering not only the most affordable blood test prices but also educational information to help you take charge of your health.

  • You can purchase blood tests and panels online from most cities in the U.S. using your credit card or Paypal.
  • Our in-house physician provides the required prescription, so no doctor’s visit is required.
  • Depending on the blood test, your results will be emailed to you privately in 3-5 business days after your blood draw at your local lab. We work with over 1,800 LabCorp locations. Note: Please check your Spam folder if you do you receive expected emails.
  • No appointment is needed at the lab. Walk-ins welcomed.
  • We provide educational information in our blog and newsletters so that you can make sense of your results.
  • Your order is good for 90 days, so you can have time to plan ahead.
  • Your order is secure and private.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • If you live in a state that we do not service, you can access our services in neighboring states.
  • We were founded by patients like you who wanted to facilitate affordable access to health self-monitoring.
Please visit our Questions page for more detailed information.
Thank you for your support and tell your friends about us!
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Defy Medical TRT clinic doctor


very timely it and just booked my appt for the palm springs location, my initial question was what specifically am I ordering.....?
Then I guess it should be a Male Hormone Panel, as I have never had an E sensitive assay type, or such a total panel done ever and now a new Dr, who is/does not seem to be up on the latest and does not like to answer questions.
Hi Nelson, Just wanted to say thanks.
I bought my wife, of 33 years, a discountedLab blood test for her birthday in hopes of getting another 33.
The test really opened her eyes and with her permission I was able to get her on with Defy as a Christmas present.

How many time when we are asked what we are thankful for? it is our health. You give us away to do that.
Buy Lab Tests Online


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