READ THIS: Excel Male Member Rules- How Not to Get Banned from the Site.

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Thanks for your interest to subscribe to, a moderated site where men can trust health information and feel protected against online abuse. Please read these terms before you decide to subscribe. If you do not agree to one of these terms, then we suggest that you do not join. As you will be able to see, most are designed to protect you and to ensure that this site is a respected one.


1- This is a 10+ year group with over 47,000 members. BEFORE YOU ASK A QUESTION THAT WE HAVE SEEN MANY TIMES BEFORE: you will search it in the corresponding box on this group. Here is how

search excelmale forum.jpg

2- You will not attack others--even if you strongly disagree with their views. You will use language that is respectful. You can disagree with postings but NEVER get personal in your rebuttal. This applies to posts on the group or to private messages to the person directly. WE WILL ONLY PROVIDE ONE WARNING. REPEAT OFFENDERS WILL BE REMOVED AND BANNED FROM THE GROUP.

3- You will always respect the confidentiality of others.

4- You will post messages only on issues that are pertinent to the list

5- You will respect people's gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, HIV status, political affiliations, etc.

6- You will not post for-profit information unless pre-approved by a moderator. You will be banned right away if you are an anabolic steroid dealer.

7- Your messages may or may not get approved by the moderator. You will accept the moderator's best judgment and will not argue about it with him.

8- You will talk to your doctor before implementing anything you read on this list. This list is not responsible for any decisions you make regarding your health care

9- You will not make claims about anything unless it comes from your own experience or has studies to back up your claim. This is a support and education group with strong moderation.

10. Discussions of how one might obtain any controlled substance are not permitted. Threads dealing with that topic will be closed and/or deleted.

If you do not agree with these terms, please unsubscribe.
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Nelson Vergel

I want every member on ExcelMale to know that I now get email alerts when certain terms get mentioned on this platform as I monitor potential discriminatory language or anyone breaking our rules.

I don't care if I lose members, as I have worked very hard for over 13 years to make this platform welcoming to any man, woman, or trans person seeking hormone replacement health. That is the reason we have forum folders dedicated to each of those three populations.

I may or may not warn members before I ban them.
Not open for further replies.
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