Quitting clomid, taking AI for a short time?

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I was on trt for few years and got switched to clomid mono therapy because me and my gf wanted kids.
I was on clomid for almost a year and we are having our first baby on January.

After being so long on clomid I wanted to see if I could be completely without trt.
I stopped taking clomid and things got worse. I developed a lump under my right nipple, my prostate started acting up, I had a lot more heart palpitations than I normally do, and my blood pressure shot up.
Surely my estrogen to testosterone ratio was getting messed up big time.

I talked to my doctor, who said I could try switching to an AI for a short time and then come off. That way I could combat estrogen being too high compared to testosterone. Letrozole is the only one they prescribe where I live, but there are some interesting studies about it alone being effective for testosterone.

What do you guys think of this method?
The idea would be to quit clomid, and take letrozole 2,5mg on Monday and Tuesday. The 2,5mg twice a week might be too much, since the study was done on 2,5mg once a week.
Maybe if I split the pill and did 1,25mg on Mon & Tue?

Ps. My doctor said my best solution would be either to hop back on trt, or just continue on clomid, because he doesn't think my body will produce enough testoterone on its on.

TLDR; Quitting clomid, dr said I could try low dose letro for few weeks and then quit all meds. What do you guys think of this? Am I just going to feel even worse?
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Any AI solo treatment opens doors for crashed estrogen and all the ailments that come along with that. If your bloods indicate high estrogen without any SERMs or exogenous testosterone, I would give DIM a try instead. Also, please note that Clomid's zuclomiphene isomer has a half life of 30 days and can take up to 5 half lives for it clear your system. The estrogen sides maybe attributed to the zuclomiphene rather than your endogenous estrogen and taking an AI for that would do nothing but crash your endogenous estrogen levels. Letro is a nuclear option and Nolvadex almost always reverses gyno better than any AI in my experience.


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In bodybuilding circles this phenomenon is common and is named "estrogen rebound"

First option is to swop the Clomid with Nolvadex and then slowly taper off the nolvadex.

The nolvadex works BOTH to reboot the hpta AND inhibit\reverse the lumps you are getting. Excellent choice.

Only if you fail to procure nolvadex, would I then reccomend you go with aromasin\exemestane or the low dose letro.
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