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Not true. The 35 dollar fee does not apply to testosterone, nandrolone, and hCG. I spoke directly with Defy’s General Manager, who said that the Medical Director does not want to support writing prescriptions for hormones.
Very interesting, didn't realize that. Yet Defy will do this for the likes of thyroid meds which, in reality, is just another type of hormone. Guess the only other option is the likes of a urologist or some other local physician that will write Rx for such hormones.
I've been on TRT for approximately 2-1/2 years, with a set protocol for about 2 years, save only the recent addition of nandrolone for joint paint. My journey has been as close to perfect as I think possible. At this point I am looking to reduce my cost by purchasing my supplies through GoodRX. The problem is that my clinic, and every other clinic I've inquired with, requires the products be purchased through them.

Does anyone have an recommendations for virtual clinics that will write scripts to out-of-state pharmacies?

Here's what I did. I started TRT w/a clinic 14 months ago and dialed in my protocol. I then went to my urologist of 10+ years and explained my protocol to him and asked him to take over my care. He asked me if it is working and if I "feel better" and said sure thing and now my testosterone is 10$ for a 10ML vial of Actavis at the pharmacy. I pay 110$ for Pregnyl using a goodrx coupon bc it isn't covered. I have one vial left from my clinic which is compounded from Hallendale and then I'm on a protocol that will cost 50$ a year for test and maybe 300$ for HCG. All pharma grade no compounders. The caveat here is that I have had a couple of blood tests showing my low T w/this urologist prior to undergoing TRT. I think it is worth a try to go to your local doc and just tell them this is what I'm doing and I feel great. Please continue my care bc its cheaper.

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