Provigil and PE


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I’ve always been able to satisfy the wife but he always wants to finish to quick. intermittent provigil to delay orgasm came up on a google search. Anybody on here who uses it for it’s cognitive effectiveness notice it’s increase in time to orgasm.


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I've been using it off and on for years. Never noticed any sexual side effects, good or bad.


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Damn. All the trt goodness and this exercise. Gotten laid 4 of the last 6 days. Frequency is not helping. And can smoke weed.
I almost think it’s gotten worse with each trt increase.

Joe Sixpack

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I am having a lot of delayed orgasm side FX from taking Flomax. It's a drug used to treat enlarged prostate. It's pretty effective for my prostate, but the delayed orgasm thing is really annoying. But it might be just what you need.

Also some anti depressants can help delay orgasm.

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